Welcome to All World Textiles

Our Company has been serving the Used Clothing industry for over 30 years. Throughout the years many things have changed in our industry but one thing has stayed the same, our ability to accommodate our clients with quality merchandise and honesty, which is almost extinct in this business. With locations in all regions of the world.  All World Textiles has a vast knowledge of the Global Used Clothing market. Working with top quality donations from across the U.S.  All World Textiles grades over 140,000 lbs. of clothing a day which allows us to offer our clientele items to suit all there specific needs.


All World Textiles  guarantees used clothing of an excellent quality and also impeccable second hand designer clothes for the exportmarket.


The product range includes various textiles of different brands, same as you would find in department stores.


Product Types:

1. Used Clothing

2. Used sneakers

3. New sneakers

4. Used Shoes

5. Used Toys

6. Bric and Brac

7. Textiles

The second hand clothing marketing is growing and becoming bigger every year. There is more demand now for quality second hand clothes around the world. Businesses and entrepreneurs seeking quality used clothes and used shoes including used sneakers will find some very attractive offers from AllWorldTextiles.  The company All World Textiles is a renowned used clothing company that focuses on selling quality second hand clothes, shoes, apparel and all other merchandise. This business is well known for its quality second hand products that are sourced from reliable providers. The second hand clothing market is a huge global market. Clothing, shoes and apparel are acquired from one country, processed and packaged and then shipped to buyer’s destination all over the world.


Basically, many people around the world, especially in the developing world rely heavily on the trade in second hand items, especially apparel. There are small and large businesses that deal in these clothing items and shoes as well as those dealing in brand names. All these are lucrative business opportunities that keep growing every year. There is a wide product range that includes second hand or used shoes, used clothes and used sneakers. There are textiles of different kinds, varying brands and of all sorts of texture and use. These items are guaranteed in terms of quality, especially second hand designer clothes and other items. Clothing items are always classified together such as men’s sneakers, men’s jeans, jumpers, ladies shoes, shirts, pants, shoes, socks, t-shirts and many others. When placing an order, a customer will need to specify on the items they need so that they are prepared and then stacked into a container and properly managed.


AllWorldTextiles Company will accept orders of a minimum 20 foot container. This container will be packaged with the types of products, including used shoes, used jeans, used sneakers and many others. Placing an order can be done online via the company’s website or via a phone call to the headquarters. The company ships these quality products to many different global destinations including to countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Most of these clothes are sourced from reliable locations in North America such as Canadian and American cities. All items are ordered in terms of containers with the minimum container being a 20 foot container. Working with an experienced and renowned company such as AllWorldTextiles will ensure that entrepreneurs and individuals across the world receive quality second hand clothes, used shoes and used sneakers they need for their businesses