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                Did you know that on average parents every year spend over twenty billion dollars a year on toys?  Can you imagine what could be done with such a huge amount of money?  Toys are something very child wants, but the problem with toys is that they can be hugely expensive.   With the approaching holiday season, there will be a whole bunch of new toys this year that kids will want and that parents will have to buy.   Is there any easier way to give kids toys without it costing a fortune?  The answer to this dilemma is used toys.  Here is some information on the benefits of buying used toys.

Saving money:  You can buy everything in bulk these days from used textiles to used toys.  There is a company called AllWorldTextiles that offers used clothes, used textiles, and used toys in bulk. This company has a giant twenty foot container that you can get filled with used toys.  Imagine how much money you will save buying toys this way?

No resources used:   Resources are becoming more and more scarce, and eventually they are going to run out entirely.  Because these toys are already made, there is no need to use precious resources to create them.

Good for the environment:  When toys are no longer being played with they end up being thrown away.  The toys that are thrown away end up in the landfill.  By buying used toys, you are creating space in the landfills. 

Recycling:  How often are perfectly good items thrown away?  Used toys are still useful, and throwing away useful items is a waste.  By buying your toys used, you are giving used toys a second chance at being useful and extend their life.  What could be better for the environment than that?

Better air in your home:  Some toys are made with materials that give off gas, paints, or other adhesives, and all of these things can make the air quality in your home hazardous.  Because used toys are older, they have already released these organic compounds so the air in your home will be cleaner and safer.

                Parents spend billions a year to buy their children toys.  Toys are getting more and more expensive every year, and who has that kind of money?  By buying used toys, you are doing a lot of good for your wallet, your children, and for the environment.  If you are interested in buying used toys then look into a company called AllWorldTextiles. 


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