White Knit
Cut from cotton-blend t-shirts. Soft absorbent wiping rags, which will not bleed when, used with solvents or harsh cleaners. Applications include: auto body work, wood floor/furniture use, plastics, paints, printing, etc.

White Knit With Print
Lightweight cotton blends cut to provide a primarily white wiping rag. A color design may remain, making it more affordable than the all white knit.

Color Knit
Recycled colored cotton/knit t-shirts are cut up for use as a multi-purpose wiper for water, grease or oil. Soft and absorbent, this reclaimed colored cotton rags are great for any application in your warehouse. Great for use as auto shops, general shops, factories and manufacturing facilities.

Sweat Shirt
A very popular economical wiper for large clean ups. Cut from reclaimed cotton sweatshirts which make them soft to the touch. Great for grease applications, as a general shop rag or for any heavy duty cleanup.

White Fleece
Cut reclaimed. Cotton sweatshirt materials, Ideal for: durable clean-up jobs. Absorbs without running colors. Use in wet or dry cleaning.

Color Fleece
Made from recycled sweatshirt material. More absorbent than colored knit and ideal for restoration companies, heating/air conditioning and general fabricators.

White Terry
Cut from high cotton blend towels and terry apparel,a very absorbent wiping rag. Applications include cleaning, wherever a bulky absorbent wiper is needed.Color Terry

Flannel Rag
Cut from multi-colored (mostly plaid) recycled flannel shirts, these wipers are the softest of those cut from recycled clothing.

We offer both Cut & Uncut Wipers

  • White Knit                                          
  • White Knit (With Print)
  • Color Knit
  • Sweatshirts
  • White Fleece
  • Color Fleece
  • White Terry
  • Flannel
  • Polo
  • Denim